Google Services Don’t Work On Linux

Hi everyone, I guess it is the first english post on my blog. I would like to explain something related to google services to you. If you are using linux os like ubuntu or fedora and your network MTU value set as automatic, probably you are having trouble with Google Services ! Last week, me and my colleagues using linux worked on this issue. Our system administrator, Uygar Bayar solved the problem. Now, everything works like a charm.

Don’t Use Google DNS !

First of all, we tried to change our DNS IP s. It didn’t solve the problem exactly. However, we figure out the internet connection work so fast. Thats why, I recommend you that don’t use google dns servers.

The Solution !

Change your MTU value in Network Settings ! mtu1

As you can see,  Select  your active network name which you want to change MTU value and click Edit.


Now, set MTU value as 1300 instead of automatic then save and use all google services without any problem ! It work on out computer, I hope works for you too.

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